Bharathanatyam is one of the ancient forms of classical dance with a history that goes back more than two thousand years. It is a classical dance style of south India that combines artistic expression with sense of spirituality.

Bharathanatyam can be interpreted as BHA – Bhava (expression) RA – Raga (musical mode) and TA-Talam (Rhythm) originating from the Hindu temples of South India. It strictly complies to the rules in the Natya Shastra and attributes to sage Bharata Muni.

Embellished with intricate hand gestures and elaborate facial expressions, it is the worlds most complete manual for all aspects of performance.

At IIA, we have a dedicated Guru, Smt Vithyananthan Mayuran , who teaches at Sri Balaji Temple and engages and trains keen learners to the highest quality of perfection and encourages students to develop their own style and character in dance.

The classes will follow the International Examination Board, UK which carries UCAS points and is designed closely to reflect traditional teaching whilst considering the needs and experiences of present day students, promoting a holistic dance experience IIA is extremely proud to announce that it's first batch of Bharatanatyam students who appeared for Grade 1 & Grade 2 exams recently, have passed out with Distinctions and Merits.


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